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Ca devrait intéresser Hobes ! :) et moi aussi , si c'est pas aussi long et étiré que le 4 -_-
En tout cas la vita est loin d'être morte.

Un nouveau jeu de tri ace annoncé , la collab entre spike chunsoft et tri ace donnera Exist Archive

Le jeu est prevu sur ps4 et vita (j'ai enfin mon jrpg favori sur vita :cool:)
Spike Chunsoft producer Yuichiro Saito ?
tri-Ace R&D lead programmer Yoshiharu Gotanda \0/
Character designer Mino Taro ?
Game director and scenario writer Masaki Norimoto (1er jeu qu'il dirige ? )
Composer Motoi Sakuraba (comme d'hab)

Des infos sur le gameplay ici
Some info from magazine

 -Setting is Tokyo and planet called Plotraksa(?)
 -12 young protagonists gets Shinigami (Evil God)'s soul in them so they become immortal, and they end up getting involved with battle of Gods
 -Dungeon traveling is 3D Sideview with SD characters
 -you can perform actions like jump and dash to progress dungeons
 -enemies are symbol encounter so you can attack them first
 -battle involves 4 characters in system called active chain battle
 -Each members are bound to the 4 face buttons (○/×/□/△) and when you press each button corresponding characters attack
 -you have to think of the order of the attack to keep the combo going, and higher combos will result battle chance of rare items
 -In the battle there is 'front row' and 'back row' and you can switch them during battle. Front row has higher damage output but is easier for enemies to attack. Back row has lower damage but it's harder for enemies to attack you.
 -main characters have power of shinigami, so you can unlock those powers to do special attacks

 -story is not your typical "good guys beat evil guys"
 -you have important choices to choose which member you send back to Earth. The order in which you send characters back to Earth will have influence on the road to the ending.
 -time it takes to beat the game is around 40~50 hours
 -There is extra dungeon after you beat the game
 -there are lots of post-game contents
 -online elements include time attack on boss battles


C'est incroyable , un vp dans la main , purée hallucinant

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