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Oddworld : Projets inachevés
octobre 24, 2013, 01:14:44 am
Avec Edge, Lorne Lanning revient sur deux projets abandonnés concernant la série Oddworld. C'est super intéressant :

Hand of Odd

“It was designed as an RTS game with a twist. In the RTS genre, the dominant model has been, ‘each side deforests the landscape to build a military complex in attempts to declare victory over a defeated enemy that has done the same. Meanwhile, the environment is always the loser.’

Avec un mot de Bobby Kotick qui refuse le projet car le marché des RTS qui se porte mal :((

Citizen Siege

“Citizen Siege was based in a near future where the policies of recent White House administrations continued onward unabated; ultimately landing us in a dark totalitarian landscape where people have been reduced to pure commodity. In this world, your healthy tissue is used as collateral against financial debt, and if you sink low enough, you can be ‘re-possessed’ piece by piece.

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