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Topic Playstation Mobile : Xperia play...
juillet 23, 2012, 09:56:26 am
Ever since Sony bought out Ericsson stake in their mobile business, their entire model has begun changing to a more well-integrated one between platforms and services. Part of this is the rebranding of PlayStation Suite as PlayStation Mobile, and Sony’s possible plans to borrow some of the PlayStation Network features found on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

Speaking to Digital Spy at the Develop conference in Brighton, PlayStation Mobile Senior Account Manager Agostino Simonetta said that trophy support is “on the roadmap” and that Sony is looking “at a timeline”.

Simonetta added:

We’re actually waiting to get feedback from the development community to see what they want, or what areas of PSN they want to be ported across.

This all appears to be part of newly appointed Sony Corp. President Kaz Hirai’s unified “One Sony” approach to turning the company’s financial situation around. That said, what PSN-like features would you like to see built into Sony mobile?

Comme Microsoft avec Windows Phone, Sony pourrait intégrer des trophées dans ces jeux mobiles.

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